Meet Eric!



Meet eight-year-old Eric, who seemed to be born a healthy baby. Sadly, he began regressing at the age of three. Eric was not meeting typical milestones and was frequently sick. He was eventually diagnosed with a form of spinal muscular atrophy. Currently, he cannot stand, walk, or bear weight on his legs. The young boy is positive despite his difficult illness.


Eric enjoys a number of pastimes.     He watches Disney movies and any film with superheroes. He enjoys comic books, too. Eric is very social and loves hanging out with his friends, but this has become difficult because of covid—he is eager for life to return to normal. Most of all, Eric is a huge fan of World Wrestling Entertainment.   He has enough WWE action figures to nearly fill up the floor of a wrestling ring. Similar to these squared-circle soldiers, Eric is known as a warrior. He faces each new challenge with a brilliant smile and enough determination to overcome anything in his path. Eric is a true champion.


Eric needs an ultra-lightweight wheelchair. Currently, he is using a heavy powerchair and his house has steps on the outside. This makes leaving almost impossible. The new equipment will allow him to be more active outside of home. Please be his sponsor!