Meet Esteban!



Meet 13-year-old Esteban, who had a challenging beginning. He was born prematurely and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He was in intensive care for three months after having a brain hemorrhage. Esteban spent the majority of his first three years in the hospital. Esteban is currently nonverbal, but he can say a few words that his mom understands. His mobility is limited to using a walker. Esteban miraculously remains happy and has a strong spirit despite his mountainous obstacles.


Esteban manages to have a fun childhood. He likes watching videos with roaring, car-crushing monster trucks. He bonds with his dad by listening to Mexican music. Esteban loves watching his family play baseball and soccer—he sits in the stand and cheers for his family when they score. Esteban is a great kid. The word no is not in his vocabulary. He tries everything by himself despite the limitations. And often, he surprises people by succeeding. He is highly intelligent and almost fluent in English and Spanish. Most of all, Esteban is truly kindhearted. He lives to give people hugs and kisses. He makes our world a merrier place!


Esteban needs a therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength, balance, and endurance. The trike will help his ability to walk. He will even have fun riding the tricycle outdoors. Please be his sponsor!



Esteban received his trike at one of our special Christmas trikes presentations. As soon as he saw “the man in red” come around the corner with a trike he started pulling at his seat belt to be able to get on the trike. His excitement was felt by everyone around. Watching him speed off as soon as he got on the trike was such a heart warming moment.