Meet Ezra!


Meet three-year-old Ezra. He does not have a complete diagnosis to explain all of his challenges. He is most likely to have muscular dystrophy in the future. Ezra does struggle with hypotonia, heart problems, and low blood sugar levels. He is able to walk short distances with assistive devices. He uses a wheelchair for longer distances. Ezra has more trials to overcome, but he is  resilient despite these challenges.


Ezra has a variety of interests. He enjoys the cartoon series Paw Patrol and his favorite character is Marshall. He is a fan of anything with Mickey Mouse and Disney. Ezra enjoys watching YouTube videos that show the various ways  to sculpt with Play Doh; he takes these ideas and makes his own creations. He also likes going outdoors and digging in the dirt in search for interesting rocks. This little boy does not need to find any gems, though. He is his own gem. He is thoughtful and is frequently concerned for other people, especially his brother. Ezra has a great sense of humor and is always making people laugh. Meet Ezra. He has numerous challenges, but they are defeated with his singular and precious heart.



Ezra received a Rifton trike through the generosity of the Tampa Bay Rays. The presentation occurred  during the Enchant Christmas event at the Rays Stadium- Tropicana Field. Ezra was so excited to receive his new equipment! He even got to meet Santa Claus while he was there! His new trike will help improve his mobility. We are so grateful to the Rays for helping this brave boy!