Meet Gabriel!



Meet eight-year-old Gabriel. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He cannot walk or sit upright without support. He has limited use of his arms and hand and requires help with daily living skills. Gabriel, despite his hurdles, is a great kid. 

Gabriel has an array of interests. His favorite show is the children’s fantasy hit, Elena of Avalor. He listens and sings to upbeat music. Gabriel adores the Magic Treehouse books but is unable to flip the pages—he found a solution by listening to them being read on YouTube. He is highly intelligent, and his problem solving skills reflect in math class. Most of all, Gabriel is a sweetheart. He cares about the people in his life. Gabriel’s physical therapist was out for a long time, and the young boy showed his concern by asking her questions once she returned. He is always the highlight of a party and will do anything for a laugh. Meet Gabriel. Clearly, his heart is unlimited, and so is the amount of inspiration he gives us all. 

Gabriel needs an adaptive tricycle to promote better overall health and fitness. He will also have a great time riding the trike outdoors. Please be his sponsor!