Meet Gabriel!



Meet five-year-old Gabriel. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, although doctors are continuing to complete his diagnosis. Gabriel, as a result of his illness, is cognitively challenged. He is also unable to stand or walk without assistance. Gabriel remains an awesome kid even with his tribulations.


Gabriel has a number of interests. He likes watching the classic Looney Tunes. His favorite movies include Cars and Garfield, but he only enjoys the film with the realistic-looking feisty feline. Gabriel attends school, and he especially has fun in a room full of exercise toys. He has other interests, but more important is his personality. Gabriel is described as innocent and having a big heart. He is outgoing and unaware of the world’s struggles. He is very loving, too. Gabriel can sense when his mom is having a rough day. He cheers up his mom by gently rubbing her back. In fact, he strives to make people smile with his kindness. In a small way—about the size of extra small—our world is a pretty good place, Thanks to Gabriel and his extra big heart.


Gabriel recently received a manual wheelchair at a fundraiser for Wheelchairs 4 Kids. He pushed the chair around and raised his arms up while shouting, “Yay!”   He continued to maneuver his shiny new ride and fist-bumped inspired participants at the event. We, especially Gabriel, our grateful to the generosity of those who helped this sweet boy.