Meet Gabriel



Meet six-year-old Gabriel. He was born with several complications and was diagnosed with numerous illnesses, including cerebral palsy and hip dysplasia. He has endured many surgeries on his hip. Gabriel struggles walking and often falls, but he works hard at getting stronger. This brave boy is happy despite these and other challenges.


Gabriel has a wide array of interests. He likes the show Cocomelon and the movie Encanto. He sings to a variety of music. Gabriel also likes being outside to play ball or take walks. Most of all, Gabriel is a great kid. He is very huggable and loves giving kisses, which he calls in his native language, “besitos!” He is always determined to bring joy to people, even strangers. Gabriel is described by his physical therapist. “Gabriel is the best gift ever, and he is always bringing happiness to everyone around him.”


Gabriel needed a therapeutic tricycle to promote better leg strength and balance to improve his ability to walk. He will also have a wonderful time riding the trike outdoors. With the help of sponsorship through the Miami Elks we were able to help Gabriel obtain his Trike!