Gabriel’s Story!


Gabriel Mancilla pic

Meet 10 year-old Gabriel. He was diagnosed with Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy.  Gabriel is unable to walk but this does not cease the boy from having fun.

Gabriel is a fan of current popular culture. He watches the X-Men and Spider-Man on television. His favorite movie and song is Star Wars. He is so excited whenever he sees the Star Wars storyline crawl and hears the epic theme song. In the saga, the protagonist Luke Skywalker uses a magical power called the Force. Gabriel’s magic, however, is within the strength of his heart. He is the epic hero continually battling against his disease. He wins with each refusal to quit.

Gabriel is in a heavy motorized wheelchair. Unfortunately he cannot get inside his family van. He needs a lift or carrier for the wheelchair so Gabriel can get around and improve his quality of life. Please help him soon!