Meet George!



Meet three-year-old George, also nicknamed Georgie. He was diagnosed with spina bifida. He has endured numerous surgeries and doctor’s visits. He uses braces and a walker to move around the house. Georgie uses a wheelchair to explore the outdoors.  He is joyful and motivated to have fun despite his limitations. 

Georgie has a variety of interests. His favorite shows are Dino Ranch and Fireman Sam. He likes the hilarious movie Boss Baby. Georgie’s family read to him a different book each night before bed. He is in the cheering section while his cousins play baseball. He has fun playing catch with them, too. Most of all, he loves spending time with his dad working in the backyard and using a variety of neat tools. Georgie is a sweet boy. He is courageous and refuses to be defined by his challenges. He has been through the worst and can still give a brilliant smile. He is empathetic and tries to cheer up people when they are in pain. Meet Georgie. He cannot walk but still leaves behind his disability in a trail of dust.   

Georgie needs a ramp to make his home accessible and safe. Please be his sponsor!