Meet Guneev!



Meet three-year-old Guneev. This sweet little girl has an illness that is not yet been diagnosed. She has seen specialists in India and America. Her closest diagnosis is hypotonia. Her challenges, however, are clear. She necessarily uses a gait trainer to walk. Guneev is also nonverbal. She is amazingly content despite her challenges.


Guneev has found simple ways to enjoy her childhood. She listens to nursery rhymes, and her favorite is “Wheels on the Bus.” She likes interactive books with sounds. Her favorite outdoor activity is flying high on swings. Guneev, most importantly, is a great kid. She is always content and never complains. She is affectionate, too. Guneev has the biggest smile and gives the tightest hugs whenever she gets picked up. This role, however, is easily reversed. Meet Guneev. Her uplifting spirit makes us all smile.


Guneev needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. She will even have a great time playing on the trike. Please be her sponsor!