Meet Hannah!



Meet four-year-old Hannah. Her life began under difficult circumstances. She was diagnosed before birth with spina bifida and needed immediate surgery. Hannah was born several weeks early. She has minimal feeling in the lower parts of her legs, and this makes walking a challenge. She is currently learning to use a gait trainer for mobility. Hannah, despite this rough start, is remarkably happy.


Hannah is determined to have a fun childhood. She sings with a beautiful and joyful noise at a church music program. Hannah uses an app on her grandma’s phone to hear the book The Wheels on the Bus—she also sings along with the story. Hannah, similar to most other girls her age, likes playing house and pretending to care for her baby doll. Inside activities are great, but she prefers to be outside in her sandbox when the weather is nice. Hannah pretends to take her loyal Mastiff for a walk, and he happily goes along with the game! No childhood, however, is complete without helping mom make cookies. Hannah is a perfect assistant when she cultivates her baking skills, but her favorite part is eating the finished product! Hannah, more importantly, has a wonderful personality. She eagerly waits for her siblings to come home after a school day so they can spend quality time together. This usually involves her telling stories and tons of laughter. Her antics keep everybody in stitches of silliness. She is an amazing girl. Hannah exemplifies her name. In some cultures, Hannah means grace of God. She has certainly graced our lives with her angelic spirit.


Hannah needs a Kid Walk walker to provide her with better independent mobility. This is important to maintain her leg strength. Plus, she has people to see and things to do! Please be her sponsor!