Meet Isla!



Meet six-year-old Isla, who was diagnosed with a genetic disorder known as Pitt Hopkins syndrome. Pitt Hopkins affects Isla in many ways. She is cognitively delayed and nonverbal. She can only take a few steps with assistance. Isla has bravely endured three surgeries despite being so young. Isla has these and other trials, but she has an unyielding drive to be happy.


Isla interests are simple but still important. She watches kids’ music videos; her favorite song is “The wheels on the Bus.” Isla’s bedtime involves mom and dad reading to her the classic story, “There  was an Old woman Who Swallowed a Fly.” She also loves playing with her musical toys or letting dad swing her around in circles. Isla is known to be silly and always laughing. She has a contagious personality that attracts people like a magnet of fun. This little girl lives in her own carefree world, and she does not know it any other way. Thankfully, Isla is in OUR world, and that makes it a better place.


Isla needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. The exercise will help her ability to walk while providing another outlet to play outdoors. Please be her sponsor!



After  a long wait due to shipping issues Isla finally received her trike! Mom and dad spent the weekend putting it together. When Isla took her first ride everyone was smiling!