Meet Isla!


Meet two-year-old Isla, who  was diagnosed with multiple illnesses, including cerebral palsy. She can sit upright with support. She is currently using a stander to strengthen her legs. Isla has more tribulations but remains a happy girl.


Isla manages to have a fun childhood. She adores the show Bluey and its soundtrack. Isla gets upset if any other show is on tv—it has to be Bluey because that is the best! She listens to a wide variety of music, including song by Zack Brown. She loves when somebody reads to her the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.” Isla has a great personality, too. Isla is a determined girl who fights for every goal until she succeeds. She also smiles enough to brighten up our world. Isla is the sunshine on a chilly day!


Isla needs accessories for her wheelchair that insurance does not cover. These accessories will improve her quality of life, such as a tray that will allow her to carry important items. Please be her sponsor!   




Isla has the best smile ever as she rolls around in her new pink wheelchair. “Her confidence has grown, she seems happier and she’s in a good mood”, said her very proud dad!