Meet Jade!



Meet 10-year-old Jade,  who was diagnosed with spina bifida. The illness causes her to have mobility limitations. She necessarily uses a walker and braces to walk. Not even this challenge slows down a unique girl.


Jade was born in China and raised in an orphanage for most of her life. In the facility she was not thriving.  Jade could wear only boys’ clothes and was denied opportunities to express herself in meaningful ways. She was also not given the proper care for her disability. A wonderful thing happened. Jade was finally adopted when she was eight years old. She has an amazing mom and dad who encourage Jade to pursue her many interests. Jade is musically inclined and she is becoming a prodigy on the piano. She likes sports and even plays basketball. She enjoys swimming, too. Jade shows her creative side by making beautiful arts and crafts. She also expresses herself by doing her nails and picking out the most beautiful dresses to wear. In this way, Jade is very girly now that she is out of the stale environment of the orphanage. Jade does more than play at home. She is an exceptional student at school, and her best topics are math and science—she will spend leisure time doing math for fun. Saying that Jade is intelligent is an understatement. This brilliant girl taught herself basic English in a couple months simply by using Google translate. Many words can sum up Jade, but her name says it all. She is a precious gem whose sparkle never fades.


Jade needs a manual wheelchair for easier and safer independent mobility. Please be her sponsor!