Meet Jaden!


Meet eight-year-old Jaden. He was born prematurely and diagnosed at birth with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He has numerous challenges due to the illness. He has a dislocated hip and left-sided weakness that make walking impossible  without assistance. He uses a wheelchair and gait trainer for independent mobility. He is also cognitively impaired and moderately nonverbal. He does use an electronic device to communicate. Jaden is determined to have a fun childhood despite his obstacles.


Jaden has a few interests, and one in particular is monstrous. He enjoys taking strolls at local parks and bike paths. He attends school and loves PE. Jaden, however, is a HUGE fan of monster trucks! Watch out Hot Wheels, because he has a Bigfoot-sized collection of monster trucks that could crush any toy car!   His favorite outing is going to the Monster Jam events. His favorite truck is the coolest of them all, Grave Digger. He even loves Digger’s theme song, “Bad to the Bone.” Jaden, however, does not have a bad bone in his body. In fact, he is humble, loving,  and has a cheerful outlook about his condition. And just like Grave Digger, nothing slows Jaden down. He plows through his obstacles and we cheer for him all the way!


Jaden needs a Rifton adaptive tricycle that will help him to walk by promoting better leg strength, stamina, and balance. He will also have fun playing on the trike while exercising.


Jaden received his Rifton trike thanks to the Greehey Family Foundation. He will now be able to exercise and gain independence while working on strengthening his legs! He will now get to enjoy family outings in his neighborhood and in the park thanks to his new trike. He is a very happy young man!