Jay’s Story!




Meet 14 year old Jay, who is diagnosed with Trisonomy 9 and developmental delays.  Jay lives with an inoperable brain tumor, is blind and cannot speak. Furthermore, he is not able to walk. The challenges he faces are unfathomable.  More amazing is the young boys’ strength.

Jay has discovered life’s simple pleasures. He loves being outside and feeling the sun on his face. His hearing is unaffected by his myriad of illnesses and he has his own unique style of singing while listening to his favorite music. Jay’s best day is visiting Disney!  The magic of Disney does not compare to the miracle of Jay!

Jay desperately requires a Convaid Rodeo Tilt Transit wheelchair. His current wheelchair is broken and not repairable.  Although he is enrolled in home based schooling, he is unable to attend Dr. appointments or leave his home! Please be a sponsor soon for this special boy!