Meet Jose Abraham!



Meet 10-year-old Jose. He was exhibiting unusual behavior in his earliest years. For example, Jose was struggling to move and reach for his toys. His parents always had to help. They were concerned and brought him to see several doctors, who said that Jose was just being lazy and the mom and dad were spoiling their son by helping. The parents were persistent until Jose was finally diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative muscle disorder. Jose once used a walker, but this became too painful. He now uses a wheelchair or crawls around on the floor while at home. These limitations do not prevent Jose from having a happy childhood.


Jose has a few pastimes to make each day fun. He likes any show where the focus is on kids his age. He also plays lots of exciting video games. He enjoys anything about Karate and even wanted to learn the martial arts until his diagnosis. He attends school and loves painting during art class. Jose has these and other interests, but his heart is the defining aspect of this boy. Jose is loving—he is caring and very gentle with his baby sister. He is generous. Jose’s school had a Christmas Wonderland Sale, and the thoughtful child bought his mom a gift. The true gift, however, is Jose. He continues to give through his smile and determination. He continues to give by inspiring us all.


Jose needs a manual wheelchair to provide him with the proper support and comfort while also enabling him with important independent mobility. His current chair is way too large and is causing pain and postural problems.   Please be his sponsor!



Jose Abraham received a power wheelchair thanks to a generous donor who provided the power wheelchair. Custom Mobility helped out with some updates and new batteries. The smile Jose Abraham shared with everyone as he rode his power wheelchair for the very first time was as bright as the sun!


Nothing can stop you now!