Meet Jose!


Meet 17-year-old Jose. This young man has an undiagnosed condition that cause a mountain of challenges. He has motor delays, hypotonia, muscle weakness, decreased flexibility, and even more symptoms. Jose, as a result, has a hard time walking and keeping his balance. The obstacles are numerous, but he overcomes it all with a positive attitude.


Jose has a variety of interests. He enjoys watching shows about cars, and his collection of Hot Wheels is large enough to fill the Daytona 500 Speedway! He listens to a variety of music and tries to dance with his mom. Jose also is a huge basketball fan and attempts playing his favorite sport at the park. He is a hard-working student at school, too; he simply likes the experience of learning and being with his friends. Jose, most of all, is a great person. He is always eager to help a friend or family member. His generosity is as endless as his smile, which never fades. His heart is like the gold at the end of a rainbow. We would all be lucky to find a friend like Jose.


Jose needs an adaptive tricycle to improve his coordination, overall strength and endurance. He will even have fun riding the trike. Please be his sponsor!