Meet Joseph!


Meet 5 year-old Joseph, who has endured cerebral palsy and developmental delays. His life is filled with many challenges. He is incapable of speech and cannot sit upright without extra support. Joseph needs assistance transferring and also maneuvering a wheelchair. He frequently suffers from seizures, too. Joseph is awaiting to have spinal surgery. The boy goes through more than most people, but he always finds ways to smile.

Joseph is smart and enjoys being around people. He watches television and listens to all types music. His favorite program is Paw Patrol. Turn on any upbeat song and he forgets about his problems. He especially likes getting out of the house. Going to the park or beach relaxes him. Since Joseph is usually trapped inside his own body, these activities are an escape where limitations cannot fully detain his happiness.

Joseph has a regular car seat which causes him pain. He needs a special needs adaptive car seat that will fit and be comfortable. Please help him soon!