Meet Joshua!



Meet 20-year-old Joshua. He was diagnosed with an exceedingly difficult condition known as Bart syndrome. The illness causes heart problems, immune deficiencies, and muscle weakness. He can, as a result, only walk very short distances and gets tired easily. Joshua, despite these tragic circumstances, remains positive.


Joshua’s interests are overshadowed by his great personality. He enjoys watching the Hannah Montana tv show and movie. He loves reading and even memorizes books so he can recite them during story time in school. In fact, he misses being with his friends in school. Joshua likes learning, too. He is inquisitive and wants to know everything, including what his dad is doing and why is he doing it! Joshua can also be considered a marvel.   His vocal cords were severed during a surgery. He was never expected to talk again. He surprised everybody by speaking. Now, he has a lot to say. Listen to Joshua and experience a true miracle.


Joshua needs a therapy tricycle to improve his overall  strength and stamina, especially in his heart. Furthermore, the exercise will promote better leg strength and make walking easier. Please be his sponsor!