Meet Juan!


Meet 15-year-old Juan. This child started his life under tragic circumstances. he was connected to oxygen and an apnea monitor shortly after his premature birth. Juan had a severe apnea episode which caused cardiac arrest. He would not eat and his health declined further into a series of frightening seizures. Juan was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and his seizures continue to this day. He has many more trials to endure. Juan is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. He also needs assistance with a walker to move around his home. The young boy can be considered a miracle.


Juan, despite everything, is happy doing the simplest things. He enjoys listening to Daddy Yankee music. He watches a variety of videos on his tablet. Juan’s favorite activity is stacking cups as high as his arms can reach. This and more keeps Juan smiling throughout the day, but it does not take much. In fact, Juan is always positive. He never cries. He never complains. For Juan, his life is perfect. For us, our lives are perfect for knowing this brave boy.


Juan needs a lift for the family van. This will make getting him in and out of the vehicle easier and safer. Please be his sponsor!