Meet Julian!



Meet 11-year-old Julian. His parents and teacher noticed that he was not meeting typical milestones. He underwent numerous tests and was eventually diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Sadly, his challenges increase over time. He is now unable to walk. Julian, however, is a strong-spirited boy and determined to have a fun childhood.


Julian has numerous ways to distract from his daily trials. He is a huge fan of movies and cartoons with Spiderman—he likes the web-slinging Tobey Maguire films the best. He listens to rock and roll and his favorite group is ACDC—now THAT’S cool! Julian follows LA Lakers basketball and cheers loudest for Lebron James. He is also a dedicated student in fifth grade who loves learning about science. Most of all, Julian has a remarkable personality. He is a jokester who likes pranking people and making them laugh. His courage is unsurpassable. He planned out his entire life a few minutes after receiving his diagnosis. He is a sensitive boy with a heart of gold, too. He donates his food, clothes, and toys to people who are less fortunate. Meet Julian and find perfection. We all love him!


Julian needs a motorized wheelchair to give him independent mobility. This will vastly improve his quality of life. Please be his sponsor!