Meet June!



Meet 11-year-old June. Her life has not been easy since birth.  She was born a month prematurely.  June was placed in intensive care where she suffered from a brain hemorrhage. Six months later she had a violent series of frightening infantile spasms. June was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She is cognitively challenged and mostly nonverbal but learning to say a few words. June is able to use a stander, but she cannot walk. This is a remarkable girl despite the challenges in her path.


June has a few interests that help to brighten her childhood. She is not a fan of movies or tv shows, but the film Frozen has a special way of soothing the girl after a difficult day. June is always listening to Christian music, but her favorite is “Let It Go” from the film Frozen. June also loves hearing her mom sing. The dedicated mom will sit next to June and talk to her comfortingly. June’s other happy places are strumming on her little guitar, playing with bubbles, or taking rides on swings. June, however, is far more than the sum of her interests. She is always smiling and happy.  She has changed the world around her for the better. June inspired the school to install wheelchair accessible ramps and the park to build swings for disabled children. June’s mom describes the brave girl best, “she has saved my life and my outlook on life. It has been an eye opener. Without the struggles we would not know the joy.”


June needs a car seat that fits and provides more safety and comfort. Her current seat is too small, unsafe, and painful. Please be June’s sponsor!