Meet KaFele Jr!



Meet three-year-old Kafele Junior. He was not developing normally shortly after birth. His mom was concerned that something was wrong. Junior underwent tests and finally a neurologist diagnosed him with a form of spinal muscular dystrophy. He cannot walk or stand because of the illness. His range of motion is limited.  He also has severe scoliosis and endured a surgery to implant a rod in his back. Junior, despite these obstacles, remains a happy boy.


“Junior” has an array of fun interests. He watches the hit shows Blue’s Clues and Bubble Guppies. His favorite films are from Pixar, especially Cars and Monsters, Inc. He enjoys looking at books with dinosaur illustrations. His collection of dinosaur toys will someday be the size of a brontosaurus! Junior and his family will take a variety of outings. Fishing trips or visits to Disneyland are among Junior’s favorites. He is very adventurous and willing to try new things. He has a strong determination to continue trying despite the insurmountable obstacles. In this way, Junior defeats his illness and succeeds at being an inspiration.


Junior received a manual wheelchair to provide proper support, comfort, and more independent mobility. He loves his new chair which was generously sponsored by the KFC Foundation.