Meet Kalvin!


Kalvin is a charming 15-year-old who likes to socialize!  He greets everyone he meets with a warm handshake and a huge smile.  He likes watching action movies and playing video games.  His favorite color is blue and if he had his way, he’d eat Chinese food every night!

Kalvin has CP and Hydrocephalus.  He has had numerous surgeries to replace the shunts which expel the excess fluid that builds up in his brain from the hydrocephalus.  Kalvin also suffers from frequent seizures.  He attends physical therapy several times a week where they work to loosen up his tight muscles.  Kalvn is also working really hard in speech therapy and learning how to speak.

He does not have a wheelchair that can be transported in his parent’s car.  Wheelchairs 4 Kids is going to provide Kalvin with a customized stroller that will easily fit in the trunk of their car and give Kalvin the support that he needs.  His parents will be able to take him anywhere they want to go!  So, if you see Kalvin in the mall or at a restaurant, be sure to say hi and shake his hand!