Meet Kalyani!



Meet nine-year-old Kalyani. She diagnosed in June 2020 with  a type  of brain cancer known as Medulloblastoma. She endured surgery just two days afterwards to remove the tumor. Sadly, the procedure caused a condition known as Posterior Fossa Syndrome,  which affects motor skills, muscle strength, and balance. Kalyani, as a result, has challenges walking and has a high risk of falling. She remains courageous and happy despite her illnesses.

Kalyani enjoys numerous activities. She listens to music by Ariana Grande. Kalyani’s favorite movie is The Secret Life of pets 2. She loves animals, especially her pet dog named Lelo and cat named Siri. Most of all things, Kalyani is artistic. She watches YouTube videos on arts and crafts. She has a unique way of visualizing and creates anything as long as it reflects her imagination. Kalyani’s best creation, however, is her bravery. She is described as fierce. She is strongly determined to not just push through her obstacles, but blow them wide open. In this way, she accomplishes her goals and inspires her family.  The name Kalyani has an Indian origin, and it fits her perfectly, Kalyani, the name, and this little girl, both define beautiful.


Kalyani needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and especially balance. This will decrease her chances of falling and promote better walking ability. Please be her sponsor!