Meet Kamdyn!



Meet nine-year-old Kamdyn. He was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. He can only walk about 20 steps before getting fatigued. He uses a wheelchair for all other distances. Kamdyn keeps moving forward even with this limitation.


Kamdyn spends time doing fun activities throughout the day. He dances to upbeat music. Kamdyn’s mom even catches him singing when he thinks nobody is watching. He has a parking-lot sized collection of Hot Wheels cars. Kamdyn’s favorite activity, however, is playing Super Mario Brothers. He can only play with one hand but is better than people who can use two hands. Kamdyn, in this way, is very resilient. He can be in pain and still  continue to push through his barriers. He does this with a smile and a loving heart, too. Kamdyn has the heart of a heroic champion, and he is our inspiration.


Kamdyn needs a therapy tricycle. Kamdyn uses a trike at a therapy center, and he has shown vast improvements in strength, confidence, and communication skills. Having a tricycle at home will increase his quality of life beyond measure. Please be his sponsor!     


Kamdyn received a Rifton therapy trike and has been loving it! Not only does he have a new activity but he’s able to participate in the fun with his siblings and neighbors! Everyone gets to have fun!!