Meet Kaylin!



Meet nine-year-old Kaylin. This little sweetheart was sadly not meeting typical milestones after birth. She was six months old when doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy. Kailyn cannot walk or stand. She is completely dependent on her family for everyday tasks. Kailyn remains cheerful despite her illness.


Kaylin finds her way towards a happy childhood. She is fascinated by the character Ariel from The Little Mermaid movie. She watches the hit Disney show Miraculous. She loves the Zac Efron songs in the musical “The Greatest Showman.” Kaylin likes cooling off on hot summer days by swimming in a pool—the sensation of weightlessness feels great on her legs, too.

She also attends school and enjoys being with her friends. Kaylin is very social and is always willing to share with her friends and family. This includes a good joke. Kaylin is known as a prankster and she will do anything for a hearty laugh. Meet Kaylin. Her name means keeper of the keys. She certainly has the key to our hearts.


Kaylin needs a medical stroller to provide better postural support and comfort while also making transportation easier and safer. Please be her sponsor!