Meet Kenneth!



Meet 14-year-old Kenneth. He was born a healthy baby boy, then seven months later he began having seizures. Kenneth endured numerous tests and was eventually diagnosed with a metabolic illness known as Congenital Glycosolation disorder. He is cognitively challenged and nonverbal. Kenneth cannot sit upright without support. He is also unable to walk or stand. He depends on his family for all movements. Kenneth, despite his tragic circumstance, is happy with life.


Kenneth enjoys fun activities that distract from his disability. He watches the Power Rangers and The Wiggles. He likes learning about animals in numerous documentaries. His favorite movies are The Lion King and Dr. Suess’s The Lorax. Kenneth loves books by Dr. Seuss. He is mesmerized by watching fish peacefully swim around in aquariums. Kenneth is a homebound student, too. He enjoys learning about a variety of topics, including colors and the days of the week. Kenneth, most importantly, has a wonderful spirit. He is a serene child who never cries. He is loving and is very huggable and cuddly. Kenneth is described best by his caring family. “Kenneth is Very special; he has a rare condition. he’s what we needed in life. he was meant for us.”


Kenneth needs a medical stroller to provide proper upper-body support and comfort while making transportation safer. Please be his sponsor!