Meet Kirsten!


Kirsten is a sweet teen who enjoys meeting new people!  She loves country music – especially Kenny Chesney and cheering for her favorite team, the Bucs!  Her favorite color is pink and she likes to paint in her spare time.

Kirsten has CP and spastic quadriplegia.  Her bones are very weak and she is susceptible to fractures.  Her left leg is 2 ½ inches shorter than her right due to fractures in the past.  She also has rods in her legs and back.  She is currently in a manual chair that is too small and causing multiple problems, including scoliosis.  Her doctors have prescribed a power standing wheelchair that will lift her into a standing position for weight bearing to increase her bone density.  Luckily, her dad has insurance through work that will cover $42,000.00 of the cost, leaving a balance of over $6,000.00 for the lift and tie downs.  We are working very hard to negotiate that price.  We are confident that teamwork will result in Kirsten having her new chair very soon!  Hope you will join our team!