Meet Kylie!



Meet seven-year-old Kylie. She was diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy. The illness creates many challenges for the sweet girl. She cannot walk or crawl. Kylie uses a manual wheelchair for independent mobility. She has a difficult time sitting upright without support. Kylie also had to withstand a hip surgery. She maintains a happy heart despite these and other tribulations.


Kylie has a variety of ways to enhance her childhood. She watches the hit show Peppa Pig. Programs featuring princesses are also her favorites. Kylie is a huge fan of the Trolls movies, and she adores the character, Poppy. She enjoys the film’s soundtrack, too. Kylie listens to music by Tim McGraw, but her most beloved song is very special. Kylie lights up a room when daddy sings to her, “My Little Girl.” She and her sister will play with imaginative dolls or addicting Fidget Poppers. Kylie is not merely a girl who is playful. She also is a terrific kid. She is known to be caring and always joyful. She makes friends as easily as drawing a breath. This makes sense though. Meet Kylie. She is a breath of fresh air. She is our happy place.


Kylie needs a home ramp to make leaving and exiting more accessible. The new equipment will be a safer option, too. 


Kylie received her new ramp thanks to Harmar and local installer, All Mobility. Special thanks to the Frankino Foundation for sponsoring her ramp. Kylie is so thrilled she now has easier access into her house (as you can tell by the smile on her face)! Her mom said, “We are so grateful. This helps out leaps and bounds!”