Meet Layla!


Meet nine-year-old Layla. She was sadly born with a severe heart condition that affected her aorta. Doctors performed a procedure, but the surgery developed serious complications that caused a spinal cord injury and many obstacles. She was not meeting typical milestones as a baby. She was slow to develop speech. Layla’s biggest challenge is mobility. She uses a cane for short distances and a manual wheelchair for greater lengths. Layla is not slowed down by her limitations.


Layla knows how to have fun. She laughs at the hilarious cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. Her favorite movies are Willow and Brave. She rocks out with top 40 music, especially if the songs are by Adam Levine. Layla dances to fun, upbeat music. In fact, dancing is her favorite sport and physical activity, but swimming or  bouncing on her trampoline is also near the top!   She likes the excitement of Disney and Universal theme parks. She is a dedicated student who loves writing and English classes. She uses her imagination to create wonderful stories. She is even more imaginative  when baking tasty treats. Layla has more important qualities. She is described as independent, kind, and brave. She works out during physical therapy and never complains about the pain. She tries doing everything without assistance. Through it all, Layla has a beautiful smile that never fades. Our inspiration for her never ends.


Layla received a Rifton tricycle from the Tampa Bay Rays. The generous baseball team presented the trike at their Enchant Christmas event. Layla was super thrilled to get the tricycle, which will improve her overall leg strength and balance. The equipment is also another way for her to play outdoors.  She get to enjoy her new trike for many years to come. Thank you to the Rays organization for their unparalleled kindness to help Layla!