Meet Leilany!



Meet 16-year-old Leilany. She was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She cannot stand or walk because of the illness. Leilany has endured multiple surgeries in hopes she can walk, but the results have been sadly unsuccessful. She uses a wheelchair to be independent.  Leilany, however, is cheerful despite her limitations.


Leilany has numerous interests. She watches the anime, My Hero Academia. Leilany is a fan of the Harry Potter films–she has a collection of wands that could fill up the Chamber of Secrets! She loves going to the mall and looking at the latest fashion trends. Leilany is also a dedicated student. She excels at the subjects math and science. She has tons of school spirit and hopes to be a cheerleader. This young lady is aptly named. In Hawaii, Leilany means Heavenly flower. Leilany is certainly beautiful in every way, and she is truly a gift from God. She inspires us all.


Leilany needs a wheelchair lift for her family vehicle. The lift will make it possible for her to travel  safely and comfortably. Please be her sponsor!