Meet Makayla!



Meet 11-year-old Makayla. She was not breathing or moving during her birth. Makayla spent three months in intensive care. She was eventually diagnosed with Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy, which causes weak muscle tone and developmental delays. She can only stand with assistance as a result of the illness. She also has a speech impediment. Makayla is cheerful and fun-loving despite her hardships.


Makayla enjoys numerous activities. She watches YouTube videos and also movies, but her favorite film is Disney’s Mulan. She reads her favorite books Beauty and the Beast and Thumbelina. Makayla has several pet dogs, but she loves her boxer most of all. The best way to describe this young girl, however, is through her personality. Makayla, with her big smile and waist length hair filled with butterfly clips, is so adorable that she can get away with anything. Makayla is fun and sassy and uses the tools of her cuteness trade and ability to argue to get her heart’s desire. However, she returns the favor by being lovable. Makayla always has her arms ready to give hugs to make people feel loved. It’s not surprising that her friends and family stay within her reach, too. Makayla is the center of gravity that pulls everyone in with her radiance.   


Makayla needs a stander, which was recently denied by insurance. The stander will provide numerous benefits, including improved leg circulation, strength, stamina, and bone density. The equipment is essential for her health. Please be her sponsor!