Meet Maritza!



Meet six-year-old Maritza. She was diagnosed with gene congenital disorder of glycosylation, which causes a multitude of challenges. She is cognitively equivalent to an infant and nonverbal. She cannot support herself upright without assistance. Maritza is also unable to bear weight on her legs. She has more tribulations, but nothing keeps her from being a happy child.


Maritza has fun in the best possible ways. She watches the tv shows Sofia the First and The Rugrats. She likes the Disney films Brave and Tangled. She also listens to Disney music. Maritza suffers from cortical blindness, and as a result she especially enjoys activities that stimulate her tactile senses. Maritza  has support riding her uncle’s horse and she loves the sensation of the fur under her small hands. Maritza prefers one thing above all others, cuddling. She feels safe and cozy snuggling. For her, home feels like two strong arms and a caring heart.


Maritza needs a therapy tricycle to provide proper support so she can exercise and have fun riding with her family. Please be her sponsor!