Meet Martin!



Meet six-year-old Martin. He was diagnosed with spina bifida. Martin has endured seven surgeries in his young life. He cannot walk or stand due to one of the operations which caused a lack of feeling below the waist. Martin is a brave young man.


Martin likes to have fun. He enjoys music, especially Michael Jackson, and his favorite is Billy Jean. He enjoys singing on his own microphone.   Martin is a fan of the Barcelona soccer team. He has even learned to hit a soccer ball by using his wheelchair. Martin likes hanging out with his friends at school. Most importantly, Martin is a great kid. He understands and accepts the challenges of his life. He is thankful to his parents for all the sacrifices they make for him. He is faithful to his friends and family and loves them all. He is the sweetest boy we can ever meet. He inspires us every day!


Martin needs a manual wheelchair to provide with improved postural support and better independence. Please be his sponsor!    



Martin received his wheelchair during one of our events. Everyone was overjoyed to see his excitement when he was placed in his new wheelchair. He took the microphone and said a very heartfelt thank you to everyone there. No dry eyes left in the room after that!


Keep those wheels rolling Martin!