Meet Massimo!



Meet five-year-old Massimo. He weighed only  about three pounds after being born. He spent over a month in the hospital. Unfortunately, this little boy was diagnosed with failure to thrive. A nutritionist tried to help Massimo gain weight. He was also not meeting typical milestones. Massimo experienced numerous frightening seizures. His family took him to five neurologists, but they could not find a reason for his challenges. Massimo was eventually diagnosed with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. He is currently cognitively delayed and nonverbal. Massimo cannot walk, but he loves standing and moving around in other ways as much as  possible. He is a resilient and happy child despite his tribulations.


Massimo likes many activities. He is fascinated by shows with farm animals. He relaxes by listening to instrumental music. He feels great with the weightlessness of water therapy. Massimo enjoys the high-flying exhilaration of playing on the swings. Most of all, Massimo has an adorable personality. He is always giving people hugs and cuddles. He applauds to music and claps with excitement whenever somebody laughs. He is never without a warm smile. Massimo adores Sesame Street’s Elmo; however, our brave disabled boy defines cuteness that even the iconic character cannot match. Sesame Street teaches the ABC’s. Massimo gives us a different meaning for those three letters. He is a beautiful child.


Massimo needs a gait trainer to help him walk and gain strength in his legs. Please be his sponsor!     




Massimo received his very own gait trainer and has been “Walking on Sunshine”! Having the extra support and he learns to walk has been very helpful to keep his balance and provide a boost in his confidence.


Way to go Massimo!