Meet Mateo!



Meet three-year-old Mateo. He was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. He has limited mobility because of his illness. He cannot stand without braces or other assistive devices. Mateo, however, has unhindered happiness.


 Mateo has fun like any other boy his age. He watches television, including a children’s superhero show titled PJ Masks. His favorite, however, is anything with Mickey Mouse. Mateo also listens to music with a dance beat, such as cumbias. He likes children’s songs, as well, and spends all day singing The Wheels on the Bus. He enjoys spending time with his older sister, especially when she reads him books. He has a creative side, too. Mateo paints interesting pictures worthy of pinning on a fridge or cementing in your memory. Mateo’s best quality is his priceless heart. He displays his love by giving his mom constant kisses and cuddles. If affection could illuminate our dark world, then Mateo would be our source of power.


Mateo needs a special hand tricycle known as an Amtryke. This equipment will improve the strength and motion of his arms and legs. He will also have fun riding the Amtryke. Please be his sponsor!