Meet Mattia!



Meet three-year-old Mattia. She was diagnosed with spina bifida while still in the womb and even had fetal surgery. Mattia also has hydrocephalus. Mattia, as a result of her illness, is confined to a wheelchair. The limitation does not prevent her from always moving towards happiness.


Mattia enjoys activities similar to other kids her age. Her favorite tv show is an educational program titled Cocomelon. She can watch the Barbie movie 1,000 times without ever getting bored. She listens to nursery rhymes and loves to sing and dance in her wheelchair. The young girl, of course, adores all things Disney princesses. She would be excited to dress up in a beautiful gown just like Cinderella! Mattia is creative, too. She creates paintings worthy of pinning on a fridge and making passersby smile. Most importantly, Mattia is affectionate. Her favorite activity, more than any other, is showering people with hugs and kisses. Mattia’s favorite recipient is her loving brother. They are best friends. Mattia’s family describes her as a miracle. She continually surprises everybody with her accomplishments and determination. In this way, Mattia is the center of inspiration. She is a three-year-old disabled girl who says by example, “I can do this in a wheelchair. What’s your excuse?”


Mattia needs an adaptive bicycle to improve her leg strength and balance. She will also have fun riding the bike. Please be her sponsor!