Meet Maverick!!


Meet two-year-old Maverick. He was diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder that causes hypotonia and epilepsy. This little boy has endured seizures, infantile spasms, and numerous surgeries. Maverick is developmentally delayed and nonverbal, although he is working on his speech ability. His hands have limited functionality. Maverick cannot walk or crawl, but he uses a stander for more independent mobility. He fights through these and more limitations with a brave heart.


Maverick has a variety of interests. He is fascinated by Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. He listens to relaxing music by Bob Marley and other reggae artists. He enjoys books that stimulate his senses—his favorite series is “The Little Blue Truck.” He smiles whenever visiting Busch Gardens and seeing his favorite animal, the tall and regal giraffe. Maverick likes taking car rides, especially during the holidays when he can look at beautiful Christmas lights. One interest, however, rises above all of these mentioned. Maverick loves being hugged and cuddled. Pick him up and he melts into the embrace as if it’s the best place in the world. This gives Maverick a magical quality. The best place in the world for us is having Maverick in our arms. And in our hearts.


Maverick needs a booster base for his adaptive stroller. The base will provide proper postural support. It also includes a tray so he can participate in family activities. Please be his sponsor!