Meet Abraham!


Meet 14-year-old Abraham. He was diagnosed with meningomyelocele, a form of spina bifida in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth. Abraham is unable to walk because of his condition; however, he remains an awesome teenager.

Abraham has a variety of interests, but his biggest passion is playing the hit game Fortnite. He also likes listening to a variety of music. Abraham is not into television or movies, but he has fun watching YouTube videos. Abraham’s interests, however, are not as valuable as his priceless personality. He derives joy by making people laugh. He has a big heart and is always concerned about his friends and family. He also never feels self-pity. The teenage years are filled with complications as we struggle to grow; Abraham’s life, without being able to walk, is even more complex. He is proof, however, that having the use of legs are not needed to move in the right direction. Someday, he will be an upstanding and good man.

Abraham needs a vehicle lift to make transportation easier with his wheelchair. Please be his sponsor so he can get around town and keep doctor’s appointments.