Meet Alex!



Meet four-year-old Alex. He was born a healthy baby until a traumatic injury caused shaken baby syndrome. He now endures cerebral palsy and frightening seizures. He is cognitively impaired and nonverbal. The right side of Alex’s body is weakened, and he cannot walk without his gait trainer. Alex is a remarkable boy whose heart is unaffected by his traumatic past and present.


Alex shows his joy and kindness.  He claps his hands to his favorite song “Happy and You Know it.” He watches soccer and shouts “wooh!” whenever a team scores. Alex releases energy by bouncing up and down on his soft couch. More importantly, he is affectionate. He likes nuzzling against somebody’s face as if he is giving a kiss. He pats a person’s hands if they’re having a bad day. Meet Alex, a determined boy with a perfect heart.


Alex needs a wheelchair lift for the family car. Please be his sponsor so he can maintain doctor’s appointments and go on fun excursions!