Meet Ally!



Meet seven-year-old Ally.  She was recently diagnosed with a rare syndrome known as Sat b2. The illness is an intellectual disability exhibiting developmental delay and behavioral issues.  The condition also affects bone density. She has numerous challenges resulting from her syndrome. She is cognitively impaired and nonverbal. Ally also struggles with balance and leg strength, which makes walking precarious. Furthermore, she has endured many frightening seizures. These obstacles do not hinder the brave child.


Ally has a variety of interests. She cooks pretend meals in her play kitchen and has tea parties with a collection of delightful dolls. She likes theme parks, especially DollyWood where she loves riding a track car around a miniature speedway. Ally also enjoys physical activity. She carefully dances while listening to her favorite upbeat children’s music.  Ally likes learning, too. She is homeschooled, and her favorite subject is sign language. She knows how to sign over 100 words. Ally is very determined to succeed despite the obstacles in her way. There’s only one sign that’s not in her vocabulary. Stop!


Ally is requesting an adaptive stroller. Walking long distances is too difficult and a stroller will keep her safe and comfortable. Please be her sponsor!