Meet Angelina

Angelina picMeet Angelina. This three-year-old girl has a challenging life which most children and adults never experience. She has Cerebral Palsy, resulting in her inability to walk, sit upright or to maneuver a wheelchair. Disease and disability, however, do not prevent her from finding small but important ways to be happy.

Angelina is among millions of kids, both old and young, who find that extra-special magic in Disney. There is not a cure for a bad day like a single moment with the big-eared mouse named Mickey! Angelina also listens to music and her favorite is any Latin-style song. Angelina has heart, and this is where true music begins.

Wheelchairs 4 Kids is hoping to get a special seating device called a Tumble Forms 2 Corner Chair and a Tumble Forms 2 positioning wedge. The equipment will help her to have home therapy and will also increase her ability to play with friends and family. Be a sponsor to bring childhood back to Angelina!