Anna T Pic

Meet 13 year-old Anna. She has multiple, severe diagnoses, including cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  She has many struggles throughout her day. She is also nonverbal and unable to walk. None of this matters to Anna, because she is very determined to be happy and accomplish everything she possibly can.

Anna is not a stranger to fun, and she enjoys several things. Anna likes being outdoors with her family, especially when they play catch. She also enjoys going out with her family to BJs Brewhouse restaurant at their local mall, even though she is unable to eat the food. Anna will spend time relaxing, too. She is always thrilled when somebody reads her a story. Anna’s favorite book is “I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love.” The title might describe her best friend and their unique bond. He is a schnoodle, which is a schnauzer and poodle mix. He is a loyal companion and whenever she has a seizure he never leaves her. Anna is his love.

Anna desperately needs a hi-lo chair for feeding through her G-tube, playing, and more importantly, safely getting to the ground. Being on the floor is where Anna is truly independent. She is able to sit up and play on the floor, but has to have a way to get to the floor safely. A hi-lo chair will help her with this. Please help this sweet child!