Meet Aria!



Meet 18-month-old Aria. This sweetheart endured more than her share of challenges. She was diagnosed with spina bifida and Hydrocephalia. She had a shunt inserted to release water pressure from her brain. The shunt had to be replaced a year later after a serious malfunction. She also had back surgery. Currently, Aria is completely dependent on her family for everyday tasks. Her spirit remains indomitable despite these struggles.


Aria is adorable. She is learning which parts of her body to touch by listening to her favorite song, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. She figured out the head, but is working on the rest. Aria likes interactive books. Mom used to read to her daughter, but the little girl grabbed the books and delightfully played with the pages. Aria has her favorite toys, too. She has a great time shaking maracas. Aria is also intrigued by her reflection in mirrors. She even has a sense of humor. She laughs wildly when people accidentally drop objects on the floor. She often enjoys being the center of attention but is eager to give lots of kisses in return. Clearly, Aria is the definition of cuteness!


Aria needs a Scooot. This is a type of wheelchair for toddlers. The Scooot will make it easier and safer for her to be mobile. Please be her sponsor!