Meet Baysil!



Meet one-year-old Baysil. Her parents noticed she was not meeting milestones typical of a baby. Baysil was not moving or trying to grab objects.  She endured many tests and was recently diagnosed with congenital muscular dystrophy.  She is completely dependent on her family for all tasks. She also suffers from severe low muscle tone. Baysil, despite these limitations, remains a happy little girl.


Baysil enjoys a ton of activities. She is enthralled with Minnie Mouse and the characters from Sesame Street. She listens to nursery rhymes and other children’s songs. She loves playing with musical toys, especially her guitar and piano. These simple pleasures in life help to keep Baysil happy. In fact, she is always smiling. For Baysil, joy begins within her peaceful heart.


Baysil needs a ramp for the outside of her home. She will soon be using a wheelchair and the ramp will provide easier and safer access to her house. Please be her sponsor!