Meet 7 year-old Bennett. He was diagnosed with Dandy-Walker syndrome, a congenital brain malformation. He also struggles with seizure disorder and developmental delay. Bennett is unable to walk or support himself in a sitting position without assistance. These tribulations, however, have not hindered his ability to be feisty and fun.

Bennett is very playful. He is thrilled to lie on a gym mat and fling toy balls around the room. He also enjoys wrestling and playing tickle games. Sometimes Bennett watches television, too. Don’t stand in front of the TV when he is into a show. He will push you out of the way and loosen a mischievous grin. Bennett’s antics keep laughter in the home, and that’s the best medicine.

Bennett needs a Safety Sleeper bed, which will be comfortable and secure for the child. His previous one is now too small. The bed will also be compatible with new home modifications done for his bedroom.