Meet Brayden!



Meet 10 year-old Brayden. He has been diagnosed with many severe illnesses, including a rare genetic disorder. The results are devastating. He suffered from continual seizures after birth. Doctors placed him in a medically induced coma to end the convulsions and let his body rest and recharge.   He has been taken to the hospital many times over the years, and his longest stay was over 4 months. His cognitive acuity is equivalent to a toddler. He can only walk a few steps if somebody gives him support. Brayden manages to break through these barriers.

Brayden has shown that nothing is impossible with enough determination. The child not only loves watching soccer, but he plays, too. He recently participated for an entire season on the Palm Coast Recreational team. Big brother was assistant coach. Brayden’s father held up the young boy to kick the ball. Family and friends made a thunderous cheer when he scored a goal. Brayden might have left the field a hero, except for a simple truth. Brayden is always a hero.

Brayden needs a manual wheelchair for easier mobility. Please be a generous sponsor for the deserving child!