Meet Briana!



Meet 19-year-old Briana. Her life had a difficult beginning. She was born prematurely at 26 weeks. She weighed just under two pounds and was hospitalized for five months. She has endured surgeries to implant shunts, rods and pins throughout her body. Briana has attempted physical therapy to improve her health, but the movements are too excruciating. Her challenges continue. She was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy and seizure disorder. Briana is nonverbal and cognitively underdeveloped. Furthermore, she is blind and unable to walk. Briana overcomes odds and despair with help from a special person.


Briana was placed for adoption shortly after her birth. Her foster parent, Paula, fell in love with the sweet girl and became her mom. Paula does everything possible to make her daughter happy. Paula plays music and reads books while Briana listens contentedly. The dedicated mom also enrolled Briana into school. Briana laughs with excitement as the school bus approaches. Paula also takes her daughter camping. Briana loves the smells and sounds of the outdoors while spending time in nature. During the evening, Paula readies a bath for Briana and then puts her to bed for the night. Mom cares for the girl from sunrise to sunset and all hours showers her with hugs and kisses.  The results are clear. Briana is always smiling and laughing. And miraculously brave. Meet Paula and Briana. Two angels making it home.


Briana needs a a ramp or lift for the family vehicle. The equipment will allow Briana to put her wheelchair in the car and keep doctor’s appointments. Please be her ssponsor!