Meet Brisa!



Meet 9-year-old Brisa. She was diagnosed with numerous conditions, including congenital myopathy and restrictive lung disease. She has hypotonia and severe muscle weakness. She is also frequently short of breath. Unfortunately, Brisa cannot walk without assistive devices. She is determined to have a normal childhood despite her challenges.

Brisa has a wide array of pursuits. She is a huge Harry Potter fan. Her other favorite magical world is Disney. She enjoys outdoor activities, too. Brisa sits in her wheelchair and tries playing soccer with her sisters. She also has fun flying her drone around a local park. She is even a hard-working student in school.  Brisa’s favorite subject is math, and she does homework in bed next to her purring kitty. More importantly, Brisa adores her family.  She always blows kisses to her mom and sisters. She never lets a day pass without saying to her family, “I love you.”  Meet Brisa. A beautiful girl who makes our world a stunning place to live.

Brisa needed a wheelchair that fits and was safe to use. Her old chair was borrowed and was falling apart.  Thanks so support from Variety Children’s Charity of Texas and the Longhorn MCL Detachment, we were able to get Brisa her brand new chair!